The Arizona Water Festival Program
Arizona Water Festivals instill a deeper understanding of water in the earth system and Arizona’s water resources through a community water festival event, teacher professional development workshop, and extensive volunteer and community involvement.

Arizona Water Festival

"I believe every child in Arizona should participate in a water program. We need to make everyone aware of how water may have an effect on our future as a resource and its effects on our state's resources."
Water Festival Volunteer
Teacher Professional Development

Learning Starts with Teachers
The Arizona Water Festival program engages teachers in professional development that helps them infuse 21st-century learning skills and STEM into the classroom while also preparing their students for the Water Festival Community Education Event.

Students using Groundwater Flow model

Enhance Student Learning with Curriculum
After attending the workshop, teachers implement a standards-aligned curriculum that prepares students for the water festival and then deepens their investigatory learning after they return to the classroom.

Deepen Children's Understanding of Water
Students are surveyed at the start and end of the AWF unit using identical assessments that measure students' knowledge of the groundwater system, watersheds, water conservation, and the hydrologic cycle.

Students learn the answer to "What is a watershed?"

Bring Students to the Community Water Festival!
Participating teachers bring their students to the Water Festival Community Education Event, a one-day celebration of Water located outside of school. At the event, trained volunteers engage up to 1,000 children in an interactive and fun exploration of the groundwater system, watersheds, water conservation, and the water cycle. The Festival event has also been adapted to field days, after school programs, and family science nights.

Enable Community Sponsored Education
Sponsors and collaborators are able to use the AWF program to support effective science education, increase water awareness, incentivize wise water use, and promote their role as community leaders.

4th graders design a water transportation system to connect water in a reservoir to homes in the watershed, represented by a large fiberglass replica of a watershed.

The Impact of the Water Festival
The heart of the Water Festival program is the one-day community festival event, which invigorates classroom instruction. Although many attendees are 4th graders when they first attend the Water Festival, they remember their experience years after. In some communities, the first generation 4th graders have even returned to volunteer at a Water Festival as high school students!

Volunteer with Us:

Volunteer opportunities abound for the Arizona Water Festival program. Prepare lesson materials, help set-up, facilitate a lesson, or greet students. There's a job for everyone! If you would like to join our volunteer team, submit the online registration form.

Apply to volunteer online: Volunteer Registration Form.


If you would like to be a part of effective water education in Arizona, please consider sponsoring or collaborating to bring an Arizona Water Festival to your community. Contact Sean Sederstrom at for more information.

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APW is proud to have collaborated with districts, schools and water providers to bring Arizona Water Festival to teachers and, through them, to Arizona students.

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