• Arizona Water Festival makes an impact in Chandler

    Chandler Arizona hosted its 12th Arizona Water Festival in 2018. Water festivals consist of multiple structured learning stations where 4th grade students actively engage in hands-on water activities and investigations. Chandler 4th Graders prepare to confront the challenges of water use and water management in Arizona today. Click here to watch the video.

  • Aqua STEM - School Water Audit

    The Aqua STEM program offers three different, hands-on student units which enrich STEM education using a Systems Thinking approach. The School Water Audit component of Aqua STEM features installation and understanding of practical water conserving technologies and the opportunity to expand the water conservation message from grass-roots to global.

    SWA picture

  • APW Summer Academies 2017

  • Systems Thinking 101 - Through a Water Lens

    Systems Thinking 101 presents a method to deepen understanding and engage students in self-construction of knowledge through four simple systems thinking patterns – making Distinctions, seeing part-whole Systems, uncovering Relationships, and understanding Perspectives.

    When you say, "think about it," I don't know what that means!

  • Arizona Water Festivals Rely on Volunteers from the Community

    High school volunteers guide 4th graders in exploring a watershed model and teach about ways we manage our watersheds.

    Roosevelt Water Festival Watershed activity

  • Field Experiences that Spark Investigation

    As a part of one of APW's signature programs in Tucson, students visit the Sweetwater Wetlands to learn where their water comes from and to see first-hand how water in their municipality is managed.

    Fruchtendler SWWL

  • APW Offers Fabulous Workshops

    There is no greater teacher than experience. Learn to wrap relevant experience with powerful content to meet the educational needs of today's students and the demands of the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards in an Arizona Project WET Professional Development workshop.

Arizona Project WET (APW) develops water stewardship and STEM literacy by providing teacher professional development that evolves instructional practice and deepens content knowledge, direct student outreach that delivers or extends classroom learning, and community engagement.

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Teacher Academies
APW Water Scene Investigation
APW School Water Audit Program

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