• AquaSTEM riparian habitat exploration
  • Rainwater harvesting
Aqua STEM Program
The Aqua STEM Program supports teachers in implementing APW-developed STEM Units infused with Systems Thinking through professional development, support for curriculum implementation through STEM coaching, and in-classroom presentations.

Aqua STEM Program

The Aqua STEM Program offers exciting, student-ready, integrated STEM units, supported by APW STEM Coaching and in-class presentations from APW Community Coordinators.

The Aqua STEM Program focuses on systems thinking, employing a water-oriented theme to drive STEM learning. The Systems Thinking approach that APW utilizes teaches students to make distinctions, see part-whole systems, identify relationships, and take perspectives as they think about complex water topics. Most importantly, we are working to provide a language and structure for students to reflect on and think about their own thinking, leading to deeper student engagement and understanding.

Students change aerator on school bathroom faucet.

Students will audit fixtures, make recommendations to save water, install high efficiency devices on water fixtures, and communicate their findings and message.

Rainwater harvesting

Harvesting the rain to help save potable water!


AquaSTEM riparian habitat exploration

Students explore Arizona’s amazing riparian areas and investigate, using scientific methods, the health of the system, utilizing data collection tools, some of which they will engineer themselves.

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