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Lake Havasu Water Fest
Mar 07, 2017 | Lake Havasu City hosts its second annual Water Festival | The population in Lake Havasu uses 165 gallons of water per capita per day. That's why the city teamed up with APW to teach students about conservation.
Kerry Schwartz
Feb 21, 2017 | Kerry Schwartz Presentation - Cornell Systems Thinking | APW Director Kerry Schwartz delivered this TED-style talk at the Cornell Systems Thinking Symposium.
Dec 16, 2016 | Champion of the Payson Water Festival Brenda Huff Recognized for Dedication to Water Education | Brenda Huff of the Payson Water Department was recently recognized as a HERO of Education by the Payson Unified School District.
Marana Water Festival
Dec 02, 2016 | Water Festival gives students hands-on experience learning about water use and area resources | Gusty weather at the Marana Water Festival didn't stop 4th grade students and community professionals from coming together with the purpose of promoting watershed stewardship.
Nov 10, 2016 | APW | 14 volunteers from Nissan helped make the Maricopa Water Festival an outstanding event.
Kerry Schwartz
Nov 03, 2016 | Arizona Water Education Expert Joins Project WET Foundation Board of Directors | Kerry Schwartz, director of Arizona Project WET, was appointed to the National Project WET Foundation board last month. As a member of the board, Kerry will have the opportunity to lead experts in water education on an international level.
Students answer questions at the Tucson Water Festivals groundwater unit.
Aug 11, 2016 | Water Festival Recognized by City of Tucson | The 2016 Tucson Water Festival spread water awareness to nearly 900 4th grade students.
AquaSTEM student
Aug 11, 2016 | AquaSTEM Program Launch a Success | At the newly crafted Systems Thinking STEM Academy, teachers prepared to bring water into their classrooms while integrating science, technology, engineering and math into their curricula. Arizona Project WET (APW) created three Aqua STEM units for the Academy that guide students and teachers through lessons about rainwater harvesting, riparian ecosystems, and water audits while thinking from multidiscipline STEM perspectives. Aqua STEM students will end their school year with skills and ideas that can change the world.
Jul 15, 2016 | APW | Tucson Water customers learn about the fruitful partnership between Tucson Water and APW.
beyond the mirage banner
Apr 22, 2016 | Beyond The Mirage: Water Science For The Video Generation | APW helped with making an interactive documentary about the Southwest's water problems.
wsi - aerator audit
Apr 12, 2016 | AMWUA | The Finley Farms WSI was such a great success, it drew the attention of the Arizona Municipal Water Association.
arizona water festival flagstaff
Sep 21, 2015 | APWStudents Gain Hands-on Experience at Water Festival | The Flagstaff Water Festival got APW's 2015 school year off to a great start!
arizona water festival watershed model
Sep 21, 2015 | Flagstaff Water Festival | Arizona Project WET's recent Flagstaff Water Festival was a huge success. Over 700 students, teachers, volunteers, and parents participated in this event, which caught the attention of local media outlets.
Teacher tours water treatment lab
Aug 10, 2015 | Teachers learn about water from SRP, Project WET | "'I wanted to learn some background information and find new ideas to teach students about water,' Waymack said. 'I’ve learned so many things that are pertinent to what I teach in the classroom.' The purpose of the workshop is to educate teachers who will impact hundreds of students every year in the classroom, said Kevin Rolfe, who manages the SRP education program."
Aug 10, 2015 | Making Space for Monarchs and Students | Students from across the Phoenix area came together through the spring of 2015 to create a large pollinator garden at the Rio Salado Restoration Habitat Area.
Jul 30, 2015 | SRP Pulse | APW and SRP partner on 5-day STEM academy for teachers!
May 08, 2015 | Water Resources Research Center | Arizona Project WET's Water Investigations Program (WIP) helps teachers transform their instructional practices through the integration of STEM disciplines.
May 08, 2015 | Water Resources Research Center | Arizona Project WET's Water Scene Investigation (WSI) program in Maricopa County engaged 738 sixth grade students in the home water audit within the Gilbert and Higley School districts.
May 08, 2015 | Water Resources Research Center | Created by Arizona Project WET, the Arizona Water Festival (AWF) program has reached over 77,000 students statewide since the year 2000.
May 01, 2015 | Water Resources Research Center | Arizona Project WET (APW) has partnered with Tucson Water (TW) to provide a series of self-guided tours at the Sweetwater Wetlands via smartphone.


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