Curriculum and Activity Guides

Arizona Project WET integrates lessons from the nationally-acclaimed curriculum guides into its programming purposefully to support student-driven, interdisciplinary instruction that utilizes collaborative learning structures, STEM integration, Project Based Learning, technology, and the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. Sponsorships enable APW to provide workshop participants with selected guides purchased at the State coordinator price from the Project WET Foundation. Written in a process that begins with hundreds of specialists in the fields of education, science, and engineering all working together, the lessons offer the best instructional methods and most important research-based content available. Project WET publications utilize the following key components rooted in the constructivist theory of how individuals learn best:

  • Connect with prior knowledge to build new knowledge and ideas.
  • Build towards common experience and experience first-hand evidence using hands-on exploration and investigations.
  • Internalize learning by working collaboratively to explain and critically reflect on the phenomena experienced.
  • Cement understanding through practice, application, and making connections with new concepts.
  • Measure understanding and growth.

Lessons not only address all aspects of water in our world but they provide the vehicle with which to engage learners of all ages.

Arizona Conserve Water Curriculum and Activity Guide

Arizona Project WET collaborated with National Project WET to coauthor the very first state-specific curriculum guide. The guide seeks to answer the quintessential question: Why conserve water? Students discover the answer through a journey into Arizona’s water history through lessons that demonstrate the interconnection of all of Arizona’s water supplies and water users. While celebrating Arizona’s incredible biodiversity (3rd highest of any US state), lessons that spotlight conservation inside and outside the home help connect water users actions with the beautiful riparian habitats. Ten true Arizona water conservation stories provide evidence that conservation is important, achievable, and smart business.

Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0

Focused on developing 21st century skills, the award-winning Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 is on the list of recommended books posted by the National Science Teachers Association for science educators. The lessons are correlated to the Common Core State Standards, which forms the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the STEM Education Coalition objectives. The interactive and adaptable lessons are designed for K-12 grades and based on well-researched science ranging from water's unique characteristics to how water resources are managed in relation to diverse water uses and social and cultural constructs.

Discover a Watershed: The Colorado Educators' Guide

Arizona is the only state that lies almost entirely within the Colorado River watershed. The story of Arizona told in Discover a Watershed: The Colorado Educator’s Guide flows from the beginning of Roosevelt Dam in 1902 through the present. It tells of the innovation and enterprise in ensuring Arizona's future water supplies, and of how changes to Arizona’s natural systems have caused unintended consequences affecting the watershed within which we live. The Guide integrates hydrology, geography, geology, ecology, tribal history, cultural constructs, economics, and water management issues into 25 interactive lessons.

Healthy Water, Healthy People: Water Quality Educators' Guide

Healthy Water Healthy People raises the awareness and understanding of water quality topics and issues and their relationship to personal, public, and environmental health. Healthy Water, Healthy People offers interactive activities that interpret water quality concepts and promote diverse learning styles, with foundations in the scientific method.

Wow! The Wonders of Wetlands Educators’ Guide

Wetlands are important ecosystems in Arizona. While wetland habitat accounts for a mere 3.5 % of the land area of the U.S., roughly half of the more than 200 animal species, 75% of bird species and 25% if of plant species identified as endangered or threatened depend on wetlands for survival. WOW! the Wonder of Wetlands Educators’ Guide explore these issues as they pertain to Arizona wetland habitats.

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