Technology - the "T" in "STEM"

Technology is a tool that enables you to get the job done faster, easier, perhaps to greater depth and accuracy than you could without the tool. In the APW Teacher Academies, we model the purposeful use of technology, not to get a check-mark in our STEM list of disciplines, but to accomplish a relevant objective and meet a real need, the way professionals use technology in the real world. Here are some examples of the technology tools that we employ.

Use this guide as you are planning to introduce Beyond The Mirage to your students. Familiarize yourself with the behind-the-scenes operation of the site, where history and stacks are stored, what each screen option means, how to enter and exit the education portal, etc.

Are you working with a group of students and just need to duplicate the procedure and/or data sheets for them?  This 5-page document contains all you need for reproducible student handouts.

After you have input your water savings data, view all of the water savings that have been reported for your county here.  Sort the data based on any of the columns/fields.  Examine the data and look for unexpectedly high or low values.  Now it's time to wonder "why"!

Show this video to students to inspire their water-conciousness to turn to action.

Students can do more than replace faucet aerators, they can check for and repair leaks in outher household fixtures.

This video may also inspire students to record theif investigations for others.

This video is fun and inspiring.  Show it to students to excite them about what they can do on their WIP field investigations, or motivate other teachers and administrators to join the WIP with their students.


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