Aqua STEM Unit:

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Waters of Our World - WOW!!

The new Waters of Our World (WOW) unit empowers students by having them explore their role in Arizona's unique hydrological cycle. 

Using a Systems Thinking teaching model combined with project-based learning, this multi-lesson Aqua STEM unit invites students to engage, explore, and explain natural phenomenon in a whole new way. They dig deep into the water cycle, discovering distinct relationships between matter (water) and energy (sun) while analyzing and interpreting water cycle processes and changes in states of matter.

The groundwater system is brought to life by observing and interacting with a physical model and a conceptual or ThinkBlock model. Both models aid learning about this complex system by illustrating 5 major concepts: gravity moves groundwater, ground water moves between the spaces in earth materials, groundwater and surface water are connected, groundwater is part of the water cycle, and it's important because we use it!

Arizona's surface water systems are analyzed and studied using physical models to understand the importance of watersheds and to discover how water supplies are distributed throughout the State.

Ultimately, students combine their knowledge to create a final reflective model of the intimate role they play in Arizona's hydrological cycle, including an opportunity to evaluate their personal water footprint and to learn about impacts from indirect water use. 

Please Note: This unit is being expanded to include water and wastewater treatment processes. 

Arizona Water Map

Arizona H2O

Exploring the groundwater model


Your Role in the Water Cycle

Your Role!

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