Teachers Hot on Rainwater Harvesting

APW Rainwater Harvesting model
Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Teachers explore APW's Rainwater Harvesting model

18 teachers from around the Phoenix Valley experienced the Rainwater Harvesting unit of APW's new Aqua STEM Education Program. Here, one teacher ensures that the "rain" falls evenly from the simulated raincloud.

Though the temperature was well above 100 at 9:00 a.m., the teachers were deeply engaged in the engineering challenge to harvest the most water from the rain falling on their model roofs.  They look forward to inviting APW Community Coordinators into their classrooms to facilitate this activity with their students, and to helping their students learn principles of engineering design as they plan their own life-size rainwater harvesting system for their school.

The Rainwater Harvesting unit involves students in planning and modeling custom rainwater harvesting systems unique to their school grounds.  Will they actually install their designs?  While installation is not a part of the unit, we hope that some are able to see their engineering work put to tangible use.

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