Leadership in developing the "Discover a Watershed: The Colorado" Project

Kerry Schwartz received recognition for serving as a member on the Leadership Team in developing the "Discover a Watershed: The Colorado" educators guide.

The Discover a Watershed: The Colorado was developed in 2005 by a collaborative group of experts in education and experts in hydrology. These specialists came from within the watershed of the Colorado River, from both Mexico and the United States. This engaging, informative Educators Guide provides detailed background information about the Colorado Watershed. Its reference section contains 25 science-based, multidisciplinary, hands-on activities that teach about hydrology, geography, geology, ecology, tribes, history, cultures, economics, management issues and resource stewardship. In addition to being internationally relevant, all activities are classroom-tested by educators from the U.S., Mexico and several tribes. Complementing a curriculum that is correlated to national science standards (U.S. and Mexican) and other disciplines, it includes easy-to-use cross-reference charts, an in-depth glossary, index and detailed watershed maps.

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