Start Your Investigation Here!

Investigation Step 1: Ordering Your Investigation Kit

Begin your journey as a detective by ordering your free WSI Kit. Make sure to fill this form out with an adult! The kit includes: up to four aerators, a flow rate bag, and instructions. 

Order Your Free Kit

Investigation Step 2: Testing Your Water Conservation Knowledge

While you wait for your kit to arrive in the mail, you can learn more about saving water at home through technology and by changing your behavior! 

Water Conservation Activity

Investigation Step 3: Installing Your Aerator and Collecting Data

Can't wait to get your aerator? Already received your aerator? Click the button below to watch a tutorial on how to install the aerator and collect your water usage data! 

Install Aerator

Investigation Step 4: Calculating Your Water Savings Online

Once you install your aerator and complete the experiment, use this link to submit your collected data and calculate your water savings!

Enter Your Data

Additional Information and Resources for Families

Have additional questions? Our FAQ page features commonly asked questions and links to additional resources for at home learning! 

Commonly Asked Questions

Additional Information and Resources for Teachers

Are you a teacher? Learn more about WSI in the classroom and other Arizona Project WET resources! 

WSI in the Classroom

Have questions? Get in Contact with Us!

Arizona Project WET team members are dedicated to your success with at home learning and the Water Scene Investigation.  If you have any questions, please contact us:


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