Water Scene Investigation Additional Information

An aerator is a water saving device that attaches to the end of your faucet. It adds air into the water to reduce the amount of water that flows when the faucet is on. Many modern faucets have an aerator already, but over time they break down and need to be replaced.

Really, this is free! Thanks to our sponsors, who care about water conservation, we can send Arizona water users aerators at no cost. What we ask is that if you are able to install the new aerator, please report your water savings to us so that we can report the numbers to our sponsors.  

Most residential faucets have standard sized aerators. The aerator we’ll send you is dual-threaded, which means it is meant to fit faucets with two different sizes, some with threads on the outside, some with threads on the inside. While we can’t guarantee that it will fit,  you do not have to return the aerator if it does not fit. You can pass it on to someone who might want to use it! 

Because this a free program for the public, we are only able to provide the standard sized chrome aerators. If you are interested in a different color or size, the best bet is to remove the existing aerator, take it to a hardware store, and find a matching replacement at your own cost. Look for one that is labeled 1 gallon per minute or less for your bathroom faucet. Aerators are typically inexpensive and can benefit you by lowering your water usage. 

Here is the data sheet: 

Putting It All Together Data Sheet -Final.pdf

Putting It All Together Data Sheet -Final.pdf

view | download 138.81 KB

Here are the instructions that came with your aerator:

WSI Booklet Edited.pdf

WSI Booklet Edited.pdf

view | download 1.63 MB

Although aerators do exist for kitchen sinks, the aerator we are sending you only produces 1 gallon of water per minute. This is ideal for faucets that are only used for washing hands, brushing teeth, etc. An aerator with this rating may not be effective in a kitchen sink where you do more tasks, such as washing dishes, that require more water. Appropriate aerators for a kitchen sink can be found at your local hardware store! 

Arizona Project WET in a nonprofit organization through the University of Arizona and does not collect personally identifiable information for the purpose of reporting it to our sponsors. Only gallons of water saved by county is reported to our sponsors in order to gauge the efficiency and impact of the Water Scene Investigation (WSI) program. 

Additional Resources for At Home Learning

Have you finished your water scene investigation? Looking for more activities to do with your family? Below we have featured free, water-focused activities that are offered by various organizations outside of Project WET. 

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This 4 part video series will teach you how to track down one of the biggest sources of water waste! Leaks!

Measuring Water Leaks at Home

Arizona Water Festival

Our virtual water festival includes free lessons on water conservation, watersheds, groundwater, and the water cycle that you can do at home!

AZ Project WET Lessons

Discover Water Portal

This free online interactive Discover Water portal enables students to explore water topics from ocean science to water conservation.

Portal Access

Calculate Your Additional Water Usage

The water footprint calculator determines your households water usage! This is an outside source and is not produced by Project WET.

Water Footprint Calculator

Sensory Learning

A sensory exploration of water for young learners! This is an outside source and is not produced by Project WET.


Water is a Precious Resource Video

Are we running out of clean water? What can we do to conserve water? This is an outside source and is not produced by Project WET.

Water Ted Talk

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