Make Every Drop Count

Additional Resources for At Home Learning

Have you finished the Make Ever Drop Count activity? Looking for more activities to do with your family? Below we have featured free, water-focused activities that are offered by Project WET. 

Water Scene Investigation

Have you done the WSI program yet? With this activity, you'll receive free sink aerators, conserve water, and learn more about your water usage! 

Start Your Investigation

Arizona Water Festival

Our virtual water festival includes free lessons on water conservation, watersheds, groundwater, and the water cycle that you can do at home!

AZ Project WET Lessons

Discover Water Portal

This free online interactive Discover Water portal enables students to explore water topics from ocean science to water conservation.

Portal Access

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Arizona Project WET team members are dedicated to your success with at home learning. If you have any questions about the Make Every Drop Count Program, please contact us: Pam Justice


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