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Arizona Project WET team members are dedicated to your success with the Arizona Water Festival curriculum.  If you have any questions, please contact the AWF Coordinator in charge of your festival.  If you do not know which team member is your coordinator, then feel free to reach out to the team at large via

Julie Hasty

Program Coordinator, AZ Water Festivals

I grew up in New Mexico and have always enjoyed the many outdoor activities the southwest has to offer. Like other fans of skiing, I learned early that snow pack is a make-or-break deal. Being able to understand the connection between our water resources and our everyday lives at a young age was important for developing my sense of water stewardship. Living in Phoenix during the current drought brought this into even greater focus for me and guided me towards being a water educator.

Miriam Aleman

Program Coordinator - Pinal County

Growing up in Arizona, between the dry cities of Nogales and Tucson, I gained a profound appreciation for the monsoon rains which swept into town – I’d jump in the puddles and pools of water, kick at the streams which rushed down the road, into the gutters. That appreciation grew from a seed of want, a pervasive familiarity of water’s scarcity in our desert towns; the monsoons were special because they offered an otherwise distant relief to our water woes.

Pearl Lam

Growing in Phoenix, I knew that water was a scarce but valuable resource in Arizona. I always looked forward to the warm desert rains and witnessing how they immediately impact our local southwestern landscape. My fondest memories include watching the colors of pebbles and mesquite turn dark and vivid after a rain. The next day, I love seeing the Ocotillos sprout their leaves and brighten up the desert!