AWF Virtual Event


Explore how and why water moves through the earth:

Come see what it looks like under ground and see groundwater in action:

Check out surface water and make the groundwater connection:


Groundwater ...

  • is between the grains of sand and gravel.
  • moves because gravity works underground, just like it does above ground.
  • is connected to surface water.
  • is part of the water cycle, and we use it!


What is a watershed? Watch to find out:                                                                 

Explore a watershed model and see how a watershed works:

Come build watershed management solutions:


  • A watershed is a land area that drains to the low points.
  • The edges or boundaries of a watershed are the high points or mountains.
  • We all live in a watershed and we manage the land (neighborhoods, farms forests, etc.) for the water quality and health of the people and ecosystem.

Water Cycle

How does water move through the water cycle? Click the Water Cycle Activity on the right and place each of the water cycle processes in the correct area: 

Where can water go in the water cycle? Click on the Blue Traveler Activity on the right to travel  through the water cycle as a water molecule and learn about scientists on the way: 

  • Water is constantly changing form and moving through Earth’s natural system.
  • Water changes states as it moves through the water cycle by evaporation, condensation, precipitation, melting, and freezing.
  • The water cycle is a web.

Water Conservation Technology

Who are water users? Who are water wasters? Find out when you click on the Water Detective Activity on the right:

What does water conservation mean? Click on the Use Water Wisely video on the right to learn more: 

Challenge yourself and learn about different water saving technologies:

  • Technology makes it easy for us to access water.
  • Technology makes it easier to waste water.
  • Technology can help us use water more wisely.