Aqua STEM Unit:

  • Students change aerator on school bathroom faucet.

School Water Audit

Empowering students to make a difference is just one simple, yet powerful, result of the School Water Audit (SWA). The unit incentivizes learning using STEM principles in classroom activities. Students take on the role of an engineer to learn how technology can help save water. They take apart a faucet aerator to learn how it works and then, later, reverse engineer a new design they can test for themselves. Throughout the unit, they are challenged to determine the mathematical variables needed to quantify the actual amount of water their school will save over the course of the year. Each lesson brings in more information and more data to think about as they continue to build their ultimate water savings equation. Scientific principles of reaction time and accuracy are modeled and students learn how to perform an effective random sample of their school’s water use. Their learning culminates in the production of Adobe Spark Public Service Announcement videos which reveal their yearly school water savings and encourages others to do their part to help conserve water.

Students collaborate on data analysis in School Water Audit.

Let's do this!

Close of aerator change

Doing it!

Student celebrates timing accuracy.

We did it!

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