Discover a Watershed: The Colorado Educators Guide

Discover a Watershed: The Colorado Educators' Guide

Engaging and personal the Discover a Watershed: The Colorado Educator’s Guide is organized into three key components: Part 1) A Journey Through the Colorado River Watershed, Part 2) 25 Research-based Lesson Activities for Grades 5 through 12, and Part 3) The Standards. The Journey follows the 6 week learning expedition of a group of Mexican and American college students from the headwaters to the delta of the Colorado River. The individuals’ accounts are interspersed with stories of Arizona history and colorful pictures and charts that help make sense of the experience. The Journey brings a human face to the Colorado Watershed.

The Lesson Activities found in Part 2 were developed in part by many professors at the University of Arizona, including Arizona Project WET Director Kerry Schwartz. The lesson format follows best practices for teaching, according to the constructivist theory of learning. Each lesson provides objectives, materials, in-depth background information for teachers, and step-by-step procedures that engage students with prior knowledge, allow them to brainstorm and collaborate to develop ideas, and explore the concept first-hand through a hands-on activity. The 25 lessons are multi-disciplinary and includes researched science from a variety of fields, including hydrology, geography, geology, ecology, tribal history, cultural constructs, economics, and water management issues.

Key Content Addressed:

  • Water users
  • water management
  • ecosystems
  • geology
  • hydrology
  • geography
  • history
  • cultures

Arizona Project WET purposefully adapts content from Discover a Watershed, such as its extensive maps and its interdisciplinary lessons, to help design regionally-relevant curriculum that engages students in their local watershed.

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