Arizona Conserve Water Educators' Guide

Arizona Conserve Water Curriculum and Activity Guide

Coauthored by Arizona Project WET, the Arizona Conserve Water tells Arizona’s water story and offers tangible water conservation ideas for Arizona water users.

The book begins with a beautiful journey into Arizona’s water history that is supported with full color maps, graphs, diagrams, and photos. This extensive background into Arizona’s unique water story then provides the foundation for 15 interactive, inter-disciplinary lessons. Each lesson follows an Activity Format that is designed using best practices of student engagement and learning: student engagement, exploration of new concepts, explanation of the new concepts, and the creation of a product that can be used in assessment. In addition, ten Arizona case studies are highlighted to provide students with an in-depth opportunity to exercise their problem-solving skills while elaborating their learning about real-world water conservation solutions.

Key Content Addressed:

  • Unique properties of the water molecule
  • Arizona sources of water: surface water, ground water, CAP water
  • Indoor and outdoor water conservation
  • Water users and their interconnection
  • Stewardship of water resources
  • Emerging technologies in water conservation

Arizona Project WET purposefully adapts content from Arizona Conserve Water to help students and teachers connect the practical water management issues of the present with the people of Arizona's water past who faced similar challenges.

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