Wow! The Wonders of Wetlands an Educator's Guide

Wow! The Wonders of Wetlands Educators’ Guide

The delineation of wetlands depends on three factors: 1) saturated soils, 2) water tolerant plants, and 3) a hydrologic regime (not necessarily wet all year round). The front 67 pages of this guide provide an excellent six part information section about wetlands.

Key Content Addressed:

  • value of wetlands and their ability to…
  • control floods
  • recharge ground water
  • trap sediment
  • intercept pollution
  • improve water quality

Arizona Project WET adapts content and lessons from the em>WOW! the Wonder of Wetlands Educators’ Guide to support multidisciplinary, student-directed instruction. The subject areas addressed in the 40 lessons covered by the Guide include: mathematics, social studies, language arts, science, geography, history, economics, art, and government.

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