Arizona Project WET Connections

Arizona Project WET is a University of Arizona (UA) program, operated through Arizona Cooperative Extension and the Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) both of which are part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Director, Kerry Schwartz, works out of the WRRC and has an academic home as a faculty Extension Specialist in the Department of Agricultural Education. The Director supervises program coordinators that work out of the WRRC (4), Maricopa County Cooperative Extension Office (4) and Pinal County Cooperative Extension Office (1). The UA’s Water Sustainability Program assists APW in maintaining a Maricopa County presence by supporting a 0.8 FTE there. Arizona Project WET also employs approximately a dozen UA students each year.

Arizona Project WET has a strong relationship with the Project WET Foundation, located in Bozeman, Montana, USA. In 1995, Arizona Project WET signed a memorandum of understanding with National Project WET. As per the agreement, the University has assisted in funding a State director who has met all obligations of the agreement in building Arizona’s water education program. APW has established and maintained an advisory council and developed a statewide network of partners, stakeholders, and sponsors. Arizona Project WET does not receive funding from the National Office, but does purchase curriculum guides and student booklets from them at a coordinator rate. Project WET Curriculum guides are nationally acclaimed. Written in a process that begins with hundreds of specialists in the fields of education, science and engineering all working together, the lessons offer the best instructional methods and most important research-based content available. In 2007, the Arizona Project WET Director worked with Project WET and coauthored the Arizona Conserve Water Educators’ Guide, the very first state specific curriculum guide.

Arizona Project WET Sponsors