Arizona Project WET Programs

It is vital that all people understand water resources, from a local, regional and global perspective, as well as the factors that affect its dependability and sustainability. Arizona Project WET programs use the unifying theme of water to bring relevance and real world application to many subjects.

Educational needs for the 21st Century require retraining and retooling. Our programs not only focus on the importance of water to all life, but also assist teachers in evolving instructional practices and engage students in pursuing the answers to their own questions. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, called for by businesses, universities, school districts and government agencies alike, has driven the development of APW’s direct students outreach programs and altered our delivery of professional development to meet the needs of Arizona teachers.

How can APW assist you in meeting your needs?

APW School Water Audit Program

The School Water Audit Program (SWAP) incentivizes school and community water conservation through student-driven inquiry and students acting to install technology that saves water.

The Arizona Water Festival Program

Arizona Water Festivals instill a deeper understanding of water in the earth system and Arizona’s water resources through a community water festival event, teacher professional development workshop, and extensive volunteer and community involvement.

Teacher Academies

Arizona Project WET Teacher Academies offer professional development that evolves teachers’ instructional practice and water-related content mastery through STEM integration, student-directed learning, real-world and relevant application, and collaborative work.

APW Water Scene Investigation

Inspire participants to adopt home water conservation practices through the installation of water efficient technology and the comparison of their savings with other water users'.

Aqua STEM Program

The Aqua STEM Program supports teachers in implementing APW-developed STEM Units infused with Systems Thinking through professional development, support for curriculum implementation through STEM coaching, and in-classroom presentations.

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