Meet the Team

Arizona Project WET (APW) develops water stewardship and STEM literacy by providing teacher professional development that evolves instructional practices and deepens content knowledge, direct student outreach that delivers or extends classroom learning, and community engagement. From the tried and true Arizona Water Festival Program to the new School Water Audit Program (SWAP) and Water Investigations Program (WIP), APW engages students in relevant learning about a subject that is arguably the issue of this century: water.

Passion drives educators to do what they do. This holds true for the Arizona Project WET team. With creativity, we stretch limited resources to accomplish so much! Filling the voids in the educational experience for Arizona’s students, we do things like work with teachers over multiple days to evolve their content knowledge and instructional practices, fully engage 1,000 school children in learning in a single day, facilitate student investigations of river systems, and empower students to lead their own water use audit and implement water savings.

Meet our incredibly talented and diverse team!

Mary Ann Stoll
Education and Tech Coordinator
Kerry Schwartz
Director, Arizona Project WET
Holly Thomas-Hilburn
Program Coordinator
Pam Justice
Education Coordinator, Sr.
Betsy Wilkening
Tucson Water Education Coordinator
Chuck Dugan
Pinal County Water Programs Coordinator
Instructional Specialist, Sr., AZ Water Festivals
APW Community Coordinator, Sandra Hurlbut
Community Coordinator
Student Administrative Assistant
Miriam Aleman-Crouch
Sr. Instructional Specialist

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