Teacher Academies
Arizona Project WET Teacher Academies offer professional development that evolves teachers’ instructional practice and water-related content mastery through STEM integration, student-directed learning, real-world and relevant application, and collaborative work.

Teacher Academies

"I really didn't know what to expect from this, but I was pleasantly surprised by the connections you have made to the content that I teach. The resources are going to be very well used and I am excited to have some new ideas to bring to my students this year."
Greater Phoenix STEM Academy Participant

Academies provide the support that teachers need to adopt instructional practices that encourage students to apply their learning in developing ideas, designing solutions, and delivering positive change. We partner with school districts to plan and deliver targeted professional development and insitute support that is needed.

We Address Topics that are Important NOW!

  • Where does our water come from?
  • How do we manage our water?
  • How can we effectively reuse and conserve water?
  • What are our water quality challenges and how can we address them?
  • How do we plan for water sustainability?
  • How is water connected to energy and food production?

We Help Teachers Develop Student-driven Instruction.

As a result of our Academies, students will think critically; gain deeper understanding; evaluate; prioritize; and apply knowledge to find solutions. APW Teacher Academies help teachers meet the goals of the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (AzCCRS) and the Science and Engineering Practices from the Framework for the Next Generation Science Standards by:

Long-Term Impacts of APW Teacher Academies:

  • Arizona citizens understand the science of water and the sources available and use this information to motivate and support personal and community-level decision-making.
  • Arizona citizenry is involved in creative problem-solving and innovation in order to manage natural resources for social, environmental, and economic well-being.
  • Arizonans understand the value of water and use it purposefully and responsibly.

Thank you . . .

APW is proud to have collaborated with districts, schools and water providers to bring Teacher Academies to teachers and, through them, to Arizona students.

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